Минитрактор Jinma
JM-244kpl (с кабиной)

699,900.00 руб.

Minitractor Jinma (Jinma) comes with the largest tractor-building plant in China. Diesel mounted on the tractor completely corresponds to the German and is produced at the same plant as the German production. The minitractor is equipped with a power steering, exhaust gases comply with the Euro-3 standard, with 2 hydraulic outputs, which allows the use of complex attachments.

Minitractor can be equipped with lawn wheels and inter-wheel lawn mower , which allows it to be used on football fields, golf courses, artificial lawns.

The Jinma-244kpl mini-tractor is equipped with a heated cabin, which will make it possible to work comfortably on the minitractor in all weather conditions.

Minitractor perfectly proved itself in the Chelyabinsk airport Balandino performing work on cleaning the territory, bringing cargo to the aircraft.


Model JM-244kpl
Tractive force on the hook (kN) 5.98
Wheel formula 4х4
Transmission (3 1) * 2
Type of gearbox normal
Speed ​​(km / h) 0.32 – 26.35
Clutch two-disk
Brakes / td> disc
Tire size front / rear 6.00-16 / 9.50-24
Clearance (mm) 295
Power take-off shaft (PTO) 2-speed 540, 1000
Diesel model / volume (L) KM385W / 1.53
Number of cylinders 3
Power (hp / kW) 24 / 17.6
Turnovers (rpm) 2350
Fuel consumption (gr / kW * h) <258
Start the engine electric starter
Min. Turning radius (m) 2.8
Possibility of installation of a cabin
Ability to install CUN
Presence of GUR
Presence of a speed reducer
Wings of front wheels
Hydraulic filter external
Hood metal
Dimensions (mm) 2991х1290х2300
Operating weight (kg) 1140

Optional Options

  • Security Arc
  • Visor
  • Lawn Tires
  • 2-position distributor
  • Compressor